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Veil or no veil?

So many customers come into see me at Threads not really knowing whether they will choose to wear a veil on their wedding day or forget the the faff altogether.

It can be seen as a little old fashioned and something that the modern bride wouldn't choose but do we all know where it came from and why it's such a traditional accessory when getting married?

No one can be sure exactly when the veil started to be worn by brides but most believe that they date back to ancient Rome when they would wrap the brides from head to toe in a veil to hide her away from “spirits that might want to thwart her happiness.” People also saw that a bride covering her face made her look like a modest and untouched maiden.

Regardless of history or tradition, sometimes a veil just fits and adds a little something special to your outfit. Ultimately, it is also the only day in your life that you can wear a veil, so why not?

Veils now come in a variety of sizes, colours and fabrics, with embroidery, without embroidery, there are so many options to suit your day or personality so find the dress and if you think a veil would finish off the outfit nicely, go for it, if the outfit is complete without one, skip the veil.

Your outfit, your day, your choice.

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